A good friend of mine was thinking of relinquishing his bank job… And he told me to get hold of some career tests and sent him the links… May be he got confused if he is on the right track… I stumbled upon few websites and found rather interesting results… Most of them had the same thing to tell me, that I’m an Entertainer, an ESFP!!! So i believe its not a bad idea finding some time for these tests…

If you know your personality type, you can easily find out matching careers, as some websites lists career possibilities based upon P-type. If you already know your p-type and you don’t want to waste time reading more about it then click here.

Check out some of the websites I found for career testing…

1. The Personality Page

Check out this site to know more about your personality type, find careers based on your p-type, based on your p-type find how you will be in relationships, etc. This site gives more importance to your personality type and related info and less about career, although it does gives you a small list of possible careers for you. I’d say this is a very good site, the best I’ve ever been to. But the one flaw i found was that the test is not free……..

2. SimilarMinds.com

SimilarMinds asks you a lot of questions and in the end, tell you the percentage of your Extroversion, Emotional Stability, Orderliness, Altruism and Inquisitiveness. It also gives a title for what kind of a person you are and a small list of possible careers for you.

3. Quiz.iVillage.co.uk

iVillage asks you some 20-25 questions and will give you a brief description of your personality and your possible careers. This one gave me the big list so far.

4. CareerTest.Net

This site asks you some 50 or so questions and in the end will tell you the category you are in, Extroverted or Introverted, Sensor or iNtuitive, Thinker or Feeler and Judger or Perceiver. As i remember right, when i went through some career tests long time ago, most of them were talking about these categories and would tell what mix you are. This site told me that i’m ESFP (Extroverted Sensor Feeler and Perceiver)

5. ColorWize.com

This is one peculiar kinda test… Here, career test is based on colors that you choose… 66 times you’ll be asked to select a color from two and in the end, when you select two of your most favourite fruits from the list and hit the finish button, you’ll get a list of careers… The results might not seem suitable from an Indian perspective… But if you know how to interpret or as I’d say, translate, you can find some good results…

6. Queendom.com

Queendom has got all sorts of tests… Career Tests, Personality Tests, IQ Tests, etc… I didnt try this yet…

7. 16personalities.com

I found this website very recently (Mar 2016) and found it almost accurate and reliable so I’m adding this as well… Take their Personality Test and get a ‘freakishly accurate’ description of who you are and why you do things the way you do…

At one point of your time, just like my friend, you’d also be wondering, what is it that you are good at, what is the right career for you, how can you decide on a good career, etc… I hope these websites gives you some helpful information…

If you find any of these sites useful to know more about you or about your career, I hope you’ll tell me about it…


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